Juan Has Gone Among The Stars

di Ángel Mario Fernández

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Carlitos is six and has lost his brother, Juan. When he asks his mother where he has gone she tells him Juan flew to heaven on a pair of wings. Confused and full of questions, Carlitos spends his time asking himself where his brother could be, if he’s alone and if he really got to heaven. This marks the start of a tender journey in search of a path to the stars. With a mixture of innocence and tenderness, Carlitos walks through the wood behind his home, looking for the secret passage that will lead him to his brother. Number of characters: 18.821
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Ángel Mario Fernández

Ángel Mario Fernández è nato nel 1959 in Argentina. Vive a Soraluze, nella comunità autonoma dei Paesi Baschi dove lavora come scrittore. Con Juan è andato tra le stelle è …

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  • Marchio: FELTRINELLI
  • Data d’uscita: Gennaio, 2015
  • Collana: ZOOM Flash
  • Pagine: 16
  • Prezzo: 0,99 €
  • ISBN: 9788858853429
  • Genere: E-book
Premio Prada Feltrinelli 2013

Premio Prada Feltrinelli 2013

Sguardi sul mondo – Gli ebook dei cinque vincitori del premio letterario Prada Feltrinelli 2013 /  Views on the world – The five winners' ebook of the literary Prize Prada Feltrinelli 2013