Prada Journal. Signs of a Changing World. 2014

di Autori Vari

What are the signs of a changing world? Can we guess what will happen tomorrow by looking at what’s happening today? What if the best way to imagine the future, and perhaps to face up to it, is to concentrate on the tiny details that we now have in front of us?

This is the central question for this year’s PRADA JOURNAL, the international literary prize established by Prada and Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore in 2013 and dedicated to emerging literary voices from all over the world. Writers accepted the challenge. Their stories, written in more than twenty different languages, were selected by a jury composed of prestigious international literary names. 

The winners are Viola Bellini, Miguel Ferrando and Anabel Graff. Their stories, both in their original language and translated into English, make up this anthology, the PRADA JOURNAL 2014.

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