di Leisl Egan

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Moptop, Poxy, Vladimir and Big Cheese: a group of clowns who put on shows that no one enjoys any more. This tragic situation is made worse by Moptop’s fits of depression and the arrival of Moondust, whose performances overshadow the other characters. A story of dignity and lost love in which this motley troupe of actors tries desperately to show its audience an amazing reality. They’ll soon find out that there is no show more moving that true reality, seen and filtered through the only, powerful lens that can make it memorable: our heart. Number of characters: 23.399

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Leisl Egan

Leisl Egan è nata nel 1980. Vive a Melbourne in Australia dove scrive per la televisione. Con La battuta finale è tra i cinque vincitori del premio letterario organizzato da …

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  • Marchio: FELTRINELLI
  • Data d’uscita: Gennaio, 2015
  • Collana: ZOOM Flash
  • Pagine: 20
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  • ISBN: 9788858853412
  • Genere: E-book
Premio Prada Feltrinelli 2013

Premio Prada Feltrinelli 2013

Sguardi sul mondo – Gli ebook dei cinque vincitori del premio letterario Prada Feltrinelli 2013 /  Views on the world – The five winners' ebook of the literary Prize Prada Feltrinelli 2013