Theory and Practice of Pears

di Viola Bellini

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“First of all, how to pick a pear.”
Do you know how many ways there are to pick a pear?
There is a girl who has picked pears, one month a year, ten hours a day, between the ages of thirteen to eighteen, and knows them all. And there is her “summer” friend, Francesca, who has grown up among the branches of the pear trees with her, between the rhythms of the harvest, lazy first and then faster and faster thanks to technology. The only unchanged variable: their friendship, their desire to exchange smiles and confessions, and the scratches procured by the dark wood of the pear trees. And there is the short-sightedness of the girl, too, that prevents her from seeing what lies on the arms of her friend, under those scratches and bruises.
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Viola Bellini

Viola Bellini è nata a Latina, ma ha vissuto infanzia e adolescenza in provincia di Ferrara.
Dopo aver studiato cinema a Trieste, ha fatto vari lavori, tra cui la bracciante agricola. …

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