The Most Beautiful Ship

di Cristina Comencini

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Anna and Antonio live like jaded lovers among the roofs of Rome, even though they are mother and son. She is a meticulous woman, a single mother preoccupied with the orderly state of her apartment; he is a strange boy, friendless and obsessed with model ships. Both dream of a life beyond. In the end, one after the other, they escape the shell-like confines of their home on the most beautiful ship. Number of characters: 11.940

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Cristina Comencini

Cristina Comencini nasce a Roma nel 1956. Figlia del regista Luigi Comencini e madre di Carlo, Giulia e Luigi, esordisce al cinema come attrice nel 1969, diretta dal padre in …

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  • Marchio: FELTRINELLI
  • Data d’uscita: 28 Novembre 2013
  • Collana: ZOOM Flash
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  • Prezzo: 0,99 €
  • ISBN: 9788858851821
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