People Who Read Books Are Getting Phonier All the Time

di Gianni Celati

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A young student of literature arrives at university hoping to answer a question weighing on him greatly: What do books mean? Coming up against the obvious fact that his teachers don’t really know either, but instead only boast of what they have “understood” from books, our student abandons his studies to live with a woman on the outskirts of town and sell books door-to-door for a publishing house. But will this finally enable him to unravel the mysteries of literature? Number of characters: 68.586
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Gianni Celati

Gianni Celati (Sondrio, 1937 - Brighton, 2022) ha pubblicato per Feltrinelli: Narratori delle pianure (1985, premi Cinque Scole e Grinzane-Cavour); Quattro novelle sulle apparenze (1987); la trilogia Parlamenti buffi uscita …

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  • Marchio: FELTRINELLI
  • Data d’uscita: 5 Novembre 2015
  • Collana: ZOOM Flash
  • Pagine: 58
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  • ISBN: 9788858853528
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Addio a Gianni Celati

Nomade, visionario, irrequieto della letteratura. Nato nel 1937 a Sondrio, Gianni Celati è morto a Brighton all’età di 84 anni.