Siamo orgogliosi e felici di comunicare che la traduzione in inglese di Giulio fa cose, il libro di Paola Deffendi e Claudio Regeni sulla vicenda del loro figlio Giulio Regeni è disponibile in ebook.

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Giulio still does things

The world of politics hasn’t answered to the tragedy of Giulio Regeni, who disappeared on January 25th 2016 in Cairo. Al Sisi’s Egypt persists in sabotaging the investigation into the kidnapping, torture and murder of the son of Paola Deffendi and Claudio Regeni.
In the last four years five more innocent people have been killed in Egypt and the government has invented incredible stories and falsified documents in order to allay suspicion.
Even though judicial cooperation was promised, Egyptian police forces continue to intimidate and obstruct the work of the Egyptian commission for rights and freedom to which Giulio’s parents have turned.
Even Europe hasn’t given an answer to this tragedy and Italy has failed to do so as well.
Giulio’s parents and their lawyer though are fighting in order to obtain justice and truth for Giulio and all the others who have suffered a similar fate.
With them there is a yellow wave of people that is talking about Giulio, wearing bracelets, hanging banners in city halls, universities and cultural venues asking for truth and justice. This is because Giulio was an Italian citizen, a European citizen who had chosen culture as a tool to obtain solidarity and social justice.

Giulio was born in Trieste and grew up in Fiumicello, in Friuli Venezia Giulia. He graduated in Leeds (UK), got a masters at Cambridge and was doing a PhD there. In Cairo he was working on a thesis dealing with the socio-economic aspects of Egypt and with trade union issues.

Giulio Regeni’s parents’ fight in order to shed light on his murder needs to be our fight as well. Because truth and justice are rights that should belong to all citizens.

PAOLA DEFFENDI AND CLAUDIO REGENI are Giulio’s parents. Since February 3rd 2016 they have been fighting to learn the truth.

ALESSANDRA BALLARINI is the Regeni family’s lawyer

“Giulio fa cose” diventa un ebook in inglese

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